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Toolholders and Adapters
Acme Industrial Company
Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.
American Quality Tools
BalaDyne Corporation
Bilz Tool Company
Briney Tooling Company
Buck Forkardt Inc.
Carboloy Inc.
Carbon Products, Inc.
Carmex Precision Tools, Ltd.
Carr Lane Mfg. Company
Centaur Precision Tools, Inc.
Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc.
Collis Tool Corporation
Command Tooling Systems
Concentric Tool Corporation
Citerion Machine Works
Craftsman Industries, Inc.
Cutting Tool Mall
Dapra Corporation
Diebold Goldring Tooling
Dorian Tool International
Dormer Tools Inc.
DTC Tool Company
Duplomatic Systerms, Inc.
Eagle Rock Technologies, Inc.
Edward Andrews International
Emuge Corp.
Enco Manufacturing
Exsys L.L.C.
Fansteel VR/Wesson
Fastcut Tool Corporation
Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc.
FISCHER USA Spindle Technologies Inc.
Fitz-Rite Products
FlexArm/Midwest Specities, Inc.
GKI Incorporated
Gleason Pfauter Hurth Worldwide Sales
Global CNC Industries, Ltd.
Greenleaf Corporation
Gromax Enterprises
Guhring, Inc.
Gunn Machine & Tool Company
Haas Automation, Inc.
Harrington Tool Company (HTC)
Harroun Enterprises
Hartland Cutting Tools Inc.
Hougen Mfg Inc.
HPI (Heartech Precision, Inc.)
Huot Manufacturing Co.
Ingersoll Cutting Tool Co.
Iscar Metals, Inc.
ITI Tooling Company, Inc.
J & L Industrial Supply Co. , Inc.
Kaiser Tool Company, Inc.
KBC Tools Inc.
Kelch, Inc.
Kennametal Inc.
KOMET of America, Inc.
KPT Kaiser Precison Tooling, Inc.
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.
Lovejoy Tool Company, Inc.
Lyndex Corporation
Max-Bar Tool Company
Measurement Technologies
Michigan Products Company
Micro 100, Inc.
Milacron Inc. - MILPRO
Millstar LLC
Mitsubishi Materials USA Corp.

Nardco Corporation

New Method Steel Stamps, Inc.
New Tech Cutting Tools, Inc - SUPERBEE ®
Newcomer Products, Inc.
Northwestern Tools, Inc.
Ohio Broach & Machine Co.
Parlec Inc.
Peterson Tool Company
Phase II Machine & Tools
Pibomulti S.A.
Production Dynamics
PromaTec Systems Inc.
Quick-Boy Inc.
Ralmike's Tool-A-Rama
Rego-Fix Tool Corporation
Reid Tool Supply Company
Rohm Products of America
Romay Corporation Inc.
Rouse & Co. , H.B.
Rovi Products, Inc.
Royal Machine & Tool Corp.
RT Industries
Sandvik Coromant Company
Schmiede Corporation
Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.
Scully-Jones Corporation
Showa Tool USA Inc.
Sierra American
Somma Tool Co., Inc.
Southwick & Meister, Inc.
Sowa Tool & Machine Co. Ltd.
Spartan Felt Company
SPC Innovations, Inc.
Spellman Mfg. Co., Inc., R.L.
Stanley Sheppard Co., Inc.
SU-matic Corporation
Suhner Mfg., Inc.
Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc.
Suncoast Precision Tools Inc.
T.M. Smith Tool International Corp.
Tapmatic Corporation
Techleader Tooling Inc.
Tecnara Tooling Systems, Inc.
TM & HGD Inc.
Tooling Systems Div.
Toolmex Corporation
Transatlantic Connection Inc.
Travers Tool Company, Inc.
TRC Tool Industries
U S Shop Tools
Valenite Inc.
Waukesha Cutting Tools, Inc.
Weldon Machine Tool, Inc.
Westhoff Machine Co.
Winco Industries, Inc.
Zetti-mimatic, Inc.